Basic Handgun Familiarization Course

The Basic Handgun Familiarization Course is intended for students who are new to handguns or perhaps for a person who is looking to purchase a new handgun and wants to learn about their options.

This course goes over the different types and actions of modern handguns, teaches some basic handgun fundamentals, and allows students the chance to fire many different guns, with their choice of over 120 different handguns ranging from small pocket guns to large hand cannons like the S&W 500 and the .50 cal Desert Eagle. A good number of those 120+ guns are suitable for concealed carry. In addition to having the most popular carry guns, we pride ourselves in our ability to have some of the newest and harder to find guns available for students to shoot.

Keep in mind; we don’t sell guns, so our instructors can help you without trying to “sell” you something. We want to help you find the best gun for you, and have you understand why it is the best gun for you. Remember, each person is unique and it takes a unique course like this with individual feedback to determine what is best for you.

The course is about 4 hours long, with about half in the classroom and half live fire on the range.

Students do not need to bring any guns or equipment. Everything needed such as, guns, ammo, eye & ear protection, are all provided. Yes, all the ammo is INCLUDED in the cost of the course! 

To ensure a lot of quality one on one time with an instructor, this class is limited to a max of 11 students and will have at least 2 instructors.


NOTE: The basic Handgun Simulator course is a prerequisite to this class.

NOTE: Our Basic Handgun Familiarization Courses are scheduled year round and mostly offered at our Bladen county location. Because this class fills very quickly, we do not post the schedule online. Please call us for a current list of available dates.