Home & Personal Defense Course

Our Home & Personal Defense Course is intended for every level of student, from beginner to experienced, but is especially relevant for students with a concealed carry permit or those who keep a gun in the home for self defense. It talks about common self defense situations both in public and within the home. We discuss scenarios and expose the students to “real life”. Students are then shown ways to recognize and hopefully avoid potential problems ahead of time, but also taught strategies they can use if the situation is unavoidable. These strategies include tips for preplanning at home and at commonly visited places, plus training with family and close friends.

This course is taught entirely within the classroom and does not involve any live fire. However, there is some hands-on instruction using fake guns & inert training aids. 

The course is about 7 hours long (10a-6p, w/ a lunch break). Students are not required to bring any equipment. Because of the interactive nature of this course, class size is very limited.

NOTE: Our Home & Personal Defense course is taught entirely within the classroom, are scheduled year round and mostly offered at our Cumberland county location. Because this class fills very quickly, we do not post the schedule online. Please call us for a current list of available dates.